Somalia and Turkey to strengthen internal security cooperation

The governments of Somalia and Turkey have expressed commitment to further their cooperation in the security sector to protect the citizens of the two countries.

The two nations, led by the ministers and other senior officials in the security dockets, agreed to boost their collaboration in crucial departments in the security ministry and related government agencies.

Somalia’s delegation led by the Minister for Internal Security Hon. Mohamed Abukar Islow, met with his Turkish counterpart Minister Suleyman Soylu at the headquarters of the Ministry of interior in the capital, Ankara.

The two leaders were accompanied by representatives of various departments including chargé d’affaires Mr. Suleiman Mohamed Karshe who was representing the Somali Ambassador to Turkey, Ambassador Jama Abdullahi Mohamed. 

The talks were preceded by a closed door meeting between the two ministers.

The two leaders after their meeting.

Minister Mohamed Abukar Islow who was on a working visit as part of his continued efforts to increase cooperation in strengthening the security ministry, started by sharing the gratitude of the Somali people to the Turkish government, led by His Excellency, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

“We remain thankful to the Turkish people under the leadership of President Erdogan for their limitless support and generosity to our citizens. The Turkish people are written on a golden leaf and inscribed in golden letters too”. He finished.

His sentiments were echoed by his Turkish counterpart, Minister Soylu, who praised the strong bilateral ties between the two nations and its rising nature.

‘’The relationship under the leadership of H.E President Erdogan has opened a new window and a new horizon for the Somali-Turkish relations. Our relationship is inscribed in history using golden letters”. Said Minister Soylu.

Somalia and Turkey both termed the success in their economic cooperation as one of the fruits of their continued collaboration which now encourages their partnership in various other sectors such as security.

Minister Islow continued by highlighting the ongoing reforms in the ministry which has seen a remarkable progress in combating terror attacks aimed at the public.

The joint meeting between both nations

“We have instilled wide reforms in the security sector through stringent employment measures and modernized operations. We have also uplifted the capacities of our personnel to boost security mechanisms and reduce frequent attacks through robust security measures”. He said.

The security sector has recovered prominently in the last 24 months following more than two decades of instability which crippled the sector.“The Capital, Mogadishu has been a great beneficiary of the reforms witnessed in the interior ministry following a decrease in the number of attacks. We have taken many steps and we are still enhancing our security because the security of our people is our utmost priority.” Said Minister Islow.

The Turkish government, which acknowledged the achievements undertaken by the interior ministry, committed to support strategic measures by increasing personnel capacity and other priority areas.

Already, more than 100 officers and senior officials have graduated from security trainings offered in Turkey to enhance the services of the department.

The two governments were in consensus that border patrol and immigration were critical for the internal security and have both agreed to cooperate in those areas.

Director for Immigration and naturalization Mr. Mohamed Aden Jimale

As a result, the days of forged migration documents by scrupulous dealers within and outside Somalia could be numbered since the department of immigration is expected to start operationalizing to block the porous means of creating fake passports and other travel documents.

The leaders have assured their citizens it would be a thing of the past once the agreed measures are put into place and extended to curb transnational crimes such as human and drug trafficking, terrorism and illegal migration.

Furthermore, the Turkish government has pledged to provide capacity building and equipment to Somali government to counter the IED and Vehicle Improvised explosive devices, VBIED.

Minister Soylu congratulated Somalia for the transformation in different sectors including maintaining security at times of heightened tensions from local and foreign partners.

He applauded the recent horn collaboration between Ethiopia, Somalia and Eritrea terming it a key ingredient for the success of the involved nations.

Just like Somalia, Turkey has been targeted by various terror organizations such as PKK, PYD, YPG and the working partnership is expected to be of huge benefit to both nations with given priority to the safety of its citizens.

The IED and VBIED menace could end soon following the Turkish government’s pledge to provide detection and detonation equipment.

“We would like to emulate your efforts and increase the capacity of our security personnel through knowledge and experience sharing.” Added Minister Islow.

The Minister later extended his gratitude to the Turkish department of immigration for creating a conducive environment for Somali citizens from the diaspora to study and live in Turkey.

The Minister and his delegation were later received for a working meeting with the heads of the Police and the Intelligence departments.

The brotherly government of Turkey reiterated its commitment to continue providing support to Somalia in given areas as a sign of the strong bond between the nations.

To date, Turkish humanitarian and development organizations led by aid agency, TIKA, continue to partner with various agencies in Somalia to boost ongoing efforts to enhance the capacities of various institutions.

The two nations have been experiencing visits by senior officials from their governments with the most recent being the visit by Defence Minsiter Mr. Hulusi Akar.

The minister was accompanied by Director General, Interior Ministry of Somalia, Mr. Yussuf Ali Mohamed, Director for Immigration and naturalization Mr. Mohamed Aden Jimale and Senior Adviser Ahmed Abdi ( Koshin)

Minister Islow has extended invitation to his counterpart to visit Mogadishu to witness the progress made through their continued cooperation in security matters.