Department of Culture, Heritage and Education.

The department of culture, Heritage and Education in Somali Embassy, Ankara, seeks to sustain and enhance the warm relationship between Somalia and Turkey.

In addition, the department aims to advance the Somali culture, strengthen cultural relations and cooperation while also focusing on establishing a longstanding partnership in Education with the Republic of Turkey.

Somalia is widely recognized as a nation that has a unique and rich culture that blends both nomadic and modern culture.

Since its inception in 1979, the department has managed to promote and create awareness about the best of Somali arts, literature and Culture to deepen interactions with the Citizens of the republic of Turkey.

This has been complemented through various platforms for integration and exhibitions.

The Department has displayed with affection and creativity, the Somali culture, history, the lifestyle, clothing, food and household items.

Motivated by the desire to preserve and promote the Somali culture to and for both the Somali diaspora in Turkey and the Turkish Citizens, the department has coordinated social events and showcased this at different cultural events it has participated in across Turkey.

The emergence of Turkey as an educational destination of Choice for Somali citizens from Somalia and abroad has seen an increase in number of students admitted to Turkish institutions of that offer various levels of education.

The vision to create a conducive environment for Somali Students spread across Turkey, has seen the Department not only enhance educational cooperation with the Government of Turkey but also provide guidance to the students so as to enable them study at ease and to ensure their needs are met.

The department provides information and career advice to students, ensures they make appropriate choices when selecting academic institutions and coordinates events aimed at building Somali student networks.

Currently, the department has an existing working partnership with cultural institutions, societies, research centers and Community organizations.

This main goal is to promote investment in Somalia through cultural projections and public diplomacy.